Christ Remains

Today I drove to Lincoln, New Mexico, one of the most well-preserved Old West towns in the United States.  The infamous Lincoln County War took place there between 1876 and 1879 as two factions struggled for economic control of the area.  Billy the Kid was involved in the murder of the sheriff who had supported the faction he opposed.  Later, after his capture and trial, Billy escaped from the town jail by shooting two of the deputies.  Main Street became known as the most dangerous street in the United States.  In the late 1800s, the town had around 800 residents.  Now, the 50+ residents and the State of New Mexico maintain the historic buildings, including the former Catholic church.  Catholic residents must drive to a nearby town to attend Mass. The old church in Lincoln can be rented by the public for weddings, funerals, and other events.  Yet the crucifix inside remains.  Christ never leaves completely.

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