Garden Care

One thing I’ve learned about gardens is that they need regular care.  My garden is a desert garden.  If I forget to water the tender plants for a few days, there is a good chance I will lose some of them.  I also have to remember to feed them, and I have to regularly remove the spent flowers if I want an abundance of new blossoms to appear.  The shrubs need to be pruned, or they grow spindly and wild.  The walkway needs to be swept, so friends can enjoy the garden when they come to visit.  I am an imperfect gardener, so there is an occasion failure in my garden due to my own fault.  God is the perfect gardener.  As a result of his constant attention and care, I will continue to draw breath, and my heart will continue to beat until it is time for me to meet him face to face.  Praise him!

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