Cactus Blossoms

The cacti in my garden bloom every spring in luscious shades of red, orange, peach, yellow, and pink. Most of the blossoms last only for a day. If I go out of town or forget to go into my garden, I miss them. Like many precious things in life, their beauty is fleeting. The cacti pictured above are an exception. Every spring they are crowned with halos of pink blossoms that last for a couple of weeks. The blossoms are so lovely that I forgive my cacti for the times when I accidentally brush against them and pick up their spines. This morning a particularly nasty one poked through my shoe and stuck my little toe. I REALLY must learn to watch where I’m going.

4 thoughts on “Cactus Blossoms

      1. My dad’s cacti bloomed this week also. We’ve taken care of them since daddy, your Uncle Borky died in 2009.


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