Cutting Back

Tomato Plant or Charlie Brown Christmas Tree?

Summer is in full swing in the garden. Many of the flowering plants that bloomed so lushly in the spring have dwindled, although the geraniums are doing well.  Last week I had to pull out the wilting Morning Glory vines, and I had to cut back the Cherry Sage so the mosquitos couldn’t hide under it. The garden looks better now after a good trim.

And then there’s my diet. Over the last few months I have been cutting back on how much food I eat. To my surprise, it is actually possible to lose weight. There are times when I feel HUNGRY, but for the most part, cutting back feels better than over-indulging.  One thing is certain.  I won’t be over-indulging on tomatoes.

2 thoughts on “Cutting Back

  1. As much as I really don’t like to diet (self restriction/yuck), when I am really working a program and it is working, there is something liberating to that feeling of hunger and to eat because I am really hungry and not because I like to eat. I am in control of my body, not my body in control of me. It sort of gets things in the proper balance. I love that feeling. Make sense?

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