During the Covid-19 pandemic, every sign of spring is precious.

In my courtyard, the plants pictured above survived the winter, including two or three snow storms and temperatures in the upper teens (Fahrenheit). Pictured upper left is my improbable petunia plant. Two summers ago it was an annual. Last summer it thrived as a biennial. This year it promises to thrive as a triennial. I can’t wait to see the pale lavender flowers that bloom in profusion.

Elsewhere, a beloved cousin is cheerfully thriving as she undergoes treatments for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. This post is for you, Sue.

3 thoughts on “Thriving

  1. Your plants are happy and cheery. Bringing me cheer. I love plants, especially blooming ones. Wait, I take that back ~ I love plants, period. 🥰😍


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