Fr. Valentine’s Chickens

The babies, four to five-and-a-half weeks old

Today, I had my monthly meeting with my spiritual director. I needed this, Gentle Reader, more than you know. After our session, I asked Fr. Valentine if I could see his chickens. First, he showed me the babies. The blurry charcoal gray one (above – center bottom) hatched from his adult chickens. The rest came from the local feed store.

Next, he showed me the teenagers, still protected in a separate coop. When they are older, they will join the free-range community. Unfortunately, my photo of the teenagers didn’t turn out well. A few of the adults are pictured below. Fr. Valentine highlighted the different varieties. He even had a game hen (not pictured), who let her feelings be known when he took her eggs. I petted the babies and one of the teenagers (but not the game hen).

Did you hear the one about the chicken who…

Fr. Valentine provides the eggs for his community of Franciscan Conventual Friars. He sent me away with 18 fresh brown and white eggs, a generous sample of the goodies in the fridge. Pictured below is the man himself, confessor and chicken farmer extraordinaire.

Fr. Valentine Jankowski, OFM Conv.

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